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For your Week 8 Final essay exam, you will complete 10 short answer essay questions which focus on the course readings. Essay answers must be attached as Word documents to the appropriate assignment page, not typed into the assignment student comments boxes. In addition to writing a 300 word answer to each essay question with APA formatted citations and references (APA title page and reference page are required. Each question should be answered clearly and numbered) students will answer each question thoroughly and completely, providing examples where required. A minimum of 5 scholarly references are required for this exam.

Answer the questions below in your Week 8 Final essay exam.

  1. Synthesize the work of Watson and Rayner with Little Albert.
  2. Evaluate how you might have cured Little Albert’s phobia.
  3. Synthesize how a person might learn to be embarrassed by the word strawberry.
  4. How do the experiments of Carolyn and Arthur Staats help us understand prejudice?
  5. Evaluate Garcia’s work on taste aversion. Explain how his work differed from most studies of Pavlovian conditioning.
  6. How might you use Pavlovian conditioning to produce a boost in the body’s immune system in response to a CS?
  7. Compare and contrast classical conditioning and operant learning.
  8. What is the chief problem with the two-process theory of avoidance?
  9. Synthesize e how you would use shaping to train a pigeon to hop on one foot.
  10. Why is insight not an adequate explanation of problem solving?

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