Essay should be a total of 1600 words

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1000 words

Select a company with a significant
e-commerce component. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their e-commerce
strategy based upon the concepts and models forwarded in chapter 5 and any other
strategic analysis tools gained in other courses that can enrich this analysis.
Discuss such issues as the strategic choices they have made to achieve
competitive advantage and their ability to actually realize this advantage as
they have executed their strategy. Discuss whether you believe their chosen
strategy is sustainable.

Analysis- 600 words

Using Microsoft as an example, discuss some
of the challenges they have faced from disruptive innovation. What were these
disruptive business models? Critique how Microsoft has responded to potential
disruptive threats. Did they recognize these threats in a timely fashion? If
not, what factors might have caused their blindness to these disruptive
influences? Where has Microsoft been effective in addressing challenges from
disruptive business models? If you were a high-level consultant to senior
leadership at Microsoft, what recommendations would you offer in terms of
emerging threats from disruptive technologies?

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