esaay 3 final version checklist essay 3 note to jeannie discussion ssay 3 presentation

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1. Essay #3 final version

2. Complete the checklist

3. Essay #3 note

Note to Jeannie, describing your process for writing the essay: What worked well for you? What didn’t work so well? What would you do differently if you could? Please mention some specifics about your essay–your introduction, for example, or a sentence you liked in one of your paragraphs, or something you think is still choppy or messy from your conclusion and why.

4. Discussion: essay 3 presentation

Please post a brief “presentation” on your research paper, essay #3. Your presentation should be around ONE substantial paragraph long. Your goals for the presentation are to briefly give an overview of your topic, why you were interested in it, and what you found out. How has your essay been changing as you continue working on it and doing field work and reading on the topic?

Head your presentation with an interesting title and list your critical question first as well. List your three field work projects and what two or three categories these were drawn from (interview, observation, and/or participation). Then provide your one paragraph overview.

After you have posted your presentation, read through the other presentations. Also, post a brief paragraph response to ONE of your classmates’ presentations that has not already been responded to, unless everyone has already been responded to.

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