engineering materials 4

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Write the report on questions mentioned below for my

selected product during the Industrial visit.

Machine: Crank shaft in car engine

Material: Ductile iron

Write a report based on following points.

a. Knowledge and understanding of the topic:

i) List any 5 important properties of the material of the selected product. Define each of them. Write the safe and limiting specifications of these properties for the selected product. State the equipment used for measuring this properties.

ii) Atomic structure, crystal structure and type of bonding affects the properties of material. Comment on this statement and justify it for the selected product.

b. Application and analysis of the topic (Module specific Skill):

i) State any 10 applications of the selected material used in other industries.

ii) Suggest possible material that can be used in the selected product in future. Support your recommendation with correct reasoning.

iii) Write in short brief the latest development and application in the material of the selected product.

c. The Report structure in terms of logic and coherence:

Report structure should have a clear start and a clear end. Information within submissions should also be logical and well grouped. Report structure should include introduction, methodology/Analysis, applications, conclusion, citation, figure sources & referencing.

*** Word count: 850 Words

*** In-Text Citation and References using Harvard style

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