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Part 1: Answer discussion post in a min of 200 words.

Identify and describe how a specific product has been modified in some way to better suit the needs of people in different countries. Would the product have been successful without the modifications?

Part 2: Answer/respond to student post below.

Products are modified often by demographic or geographic locations to better suit the needs of different people. For example the McDonald’s in Brooklyn, N.Y. is completely different from the McDonald’s in New Delhi India. Values, cultural references, and overall lifestyle is simply different in this area versus the United States, therefore, a franchisee would need to establish a differentiated product to cater to this geographic location. Vegetarian meals are huge in this area, while beef is lightly used. Chicken is ultimately preferred. The kitchens are separated in many Indian locations to separately prepare food in two kitchens to simply accommodate the importances of sacred foods alongside the religious and cultural references placed on many Indian natives that doesn’t allow them to indulge into certain foods. Burger King is another chain who has started to implement similar menus depending on their geographic locations. One could look at McDonald’s in China and see another completely different menu from that of Brooklyn and/or India. Since many countries will hold special relevance to cultural beliefs and religious customs, this alterations are needed to make the product successful. McDonald’s couldn’t survive in the Indian market if they don’t cater to the Indian native or respect their beliefs as to why they prefer certain foods over others. The adaptation is greatly needed to render a successful partnership within a foreign region.

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