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In general, why might it be important to solve an equation for different variables? For example, the equation for degrees Fahrenheit is given by , where C is degrees Celsius. Briefly discuss other examples you have encountered requiring changing Metric to US Customary Measurement System or vice versa.

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Student 1:

There are lots of different variables. And to convert the values of variables there are different specific equations for each of them. It is necessary to Know how to solve the bacis variables which is used in daily basis by equations because variables are different according to different countries. Like in India we use kilometers to measure distance. And in USA we use miles. Same way we use celsious in India and Fahrenheit in USA. So if you know how to solve variable by equations you can easily convert the variables

Student 2:

Algebra is based on the concept of unknown values called variables, unlike arithmetic which is based entirely on known number values (Wyzant, 2019). When there are different variables that are involved in an equation it becomes important to solve the equation. When there are different variables in the equations, the equation becomes difficult to solve, and there are more chances for mistakes in the equation. Some the equation is linear, that is with one variable, sometimes the equation is with two variables that are called the algebraic equation. Solving linear equation is easy, as there is only one variable but for algebraic or quadratic equation, simplification is necessary. The example of when I have to change the units is when I was solving the equation for the velocity, in which one unit was m/s and the other was km/s, for which I have to match up the units of both the variables.


Wyzant. (2019). Basics of Algebra. Retrieved fromhttps://www.wyzant.com/resources/lessons/math/algebra/equation-basics

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