Discussion and 2 Repsonses

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This course is required for students in the AAS Medical Coding and Billing (MCB) degree and in the BS, Health Systems Management (HSM) degree.

Whether you know a lot or not very much about the degree field you have chosen, in your post, identify if you are an MCB or HSM major, and then list the top three skills you think are needed to succeed in your field and explain why by giving examples. When you respond to your fellow students’ posts, do you agree or disagree with the skills they have listed and why, why not? Did they list skills you didn’t think of, or you didn’t list as your top three, and if so, how could you also use that on-the-job skill?



Hi my name is Kimberly Barber and i have been in the medical field before as a C.N.A. This course helps me to understand about how the health care system works and how the system is designed to make sure that the person knows what they are doing in the health care field. I need this course to help me complete my medical training and to further my studies in the medical field toward my degree.

Question B

The training that I have learned in this class will help me understand the tterminology so that in Medical Coding and Billing the person can know the terminology that affects the case that they are writing up. The top three skills are that we need to learn the terminology associated in the medical field. If you dont know the terminology in the medical field, how can the person medical code and bill? The other skills are learning how to use a computer and also how to type. These are the important things that are necessary for the medical field.


Well, my name is Robert, I live in Punxsutawney Pennsylvania. I recently graduated Grantham University with a Associates degree in Electrical Engineering. I have 3 kids, two of which are ages 19 and 21 while the youngest is 12. There is not a whole lot in this area to do for work, so I am targeting areas that I know that where-ever I may be, there will be work available.

The degree I am choosing as of this time is the MCB, and the reason is, I have 4 herniated disks in my spine, so the hard labor I am doing now, will not be friendly to me as I age. It is hard to do on a perfectly healthy individual, then factor in the limited lifting and other things that come with being a heavy equipment mechanic. So this is just me thinking ahead.

The skill I think you need in this degree is typing. Because though there may not be a lot of typing involved at all times, there will still be added notes or communication sent between you and whoever assigned you the particular work.

Computers in general. We all know that programs do not aways work as they are suppose to. There are times, especially with the new Window’s 10, that the programs will not even open until you do a restart of your computer so it can do the security updates.

Then people skills. Though you may not be in direct line of fire when it comes to needing to speak with patients, you will still need to be able to talk to the hospitals or doctors office that assigns you the work load. Or if you are working in a call center or a office that handles a lot of different clients, you may need to communicate to your boss.

REPLY TO STUDENT:Hello all! My name is Nichole Peterson, but I go by Nikki. I am a mother of two kids, one boy and one girl, one furbaby, and am in the process of buying a new house with my fiance. I have been in the Air National Guard for 17 years, working for the Guard as a fulltime military technician for 11 years. I am working on my Medical Billing and Coding degree. I have taken a medical terminology class before, but it was 12 years ago and need a refresher. The medical term I’m familiar with is chondromalacia. Chondr/o is the root which means cartilage and malacia is the suffix which means the softening of. Chrondomalacia is the softening of the cartilage, which I have in my knees after all the sports I played in high school and college.

Davies, J. J. (2008). Essentials of Medical Terminology (3rd Edition).


Hello everyone, My name is Bernice Brown, I moved here to South Carolina from Brooklyn New York over 18 years ago. I have three children, two daughters and one son ages are from 30,25,and 20. I also have five grandchildren. Since moving to the South I was a Correction Officer for 15 years, I retired out due to wanting a different career. I now work with the Department of Disability and Special needs. I’m attending Grantham University and taking up Medical Coding and Billing. I have no knowledge of any medical field. The medical term that has affected my life is arthritis, itis- is a suffix meaning inflammation, and arthr – is a root meaning joint, meaning inflammation of the joint, there is no prefix for this word. This is what I’m dealing with everyday.

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