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Effective communication is an enabler of effective teamwork. To succeed, a team must be comprised of employees who are informed about the team goals. Questions that should be considered to enhance effective communication include: “how are team goals to be accomplished, who is responsible for what, and how it all fits together”.

  • Choose two inhibitors of communication and provide an example of how this communication inhibitor negatively impacted a past team performance.
  • Explain how a leader could take action to address your two chosen communication inhibitors.

In addition–An advantage of face-to-face teams is the ability to read each other’s non-verbal, communication. Virtual teams are limited in reading verbal cues due to the fact that current technology (in many companies) still doesn’t replace face-to-face team communication.

In the absence of nonverbal communication, which is so important to face-to-face virtual teams, list and explain three virtual team advantages over face-to-face teams(in your own words).

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