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Read pages 17-23 in your textbook and the article by Kring (2008) in Objectives, Readings, and Resources. You can also look at http://libanswers.unco.edu/faq/164069 and at Figure 1-1 in your textbook.

Quality improvement projects and literature reviews are often confused with nursing research. In this class, I want you to be able to recognize the difference between research evidence (a primary research study) and non-research (quality improvement, literature reviews) evidence. A systematic review would be considered a secondary source of evidence based on primary, research evidence.

Find one example of a single, primary, research study. (a) Explain why you think the research study qualifies as a single, primary, research study in two sentences. A primary research study will have the sections listed on pages 17 to 21. (b) Find the purpose statement for the research study. It is usually located at the end of the literature review and before the Methods section. Rephrase the purpose statement into a research question and give the independent and dependent variables. See page 32 in your textbook. (c) Give the references in APA format so that other students can find the articles.

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