Cuyamaca College Microsociology Paper

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Key to the analysis of micro-level social interactions are the concepts of: social status, social roles, and social structure. Review the definition and examples of these concepts in chapter 5 (or better, check your notes from chapter 5). Then, complete the following learning activity:

  1. Write a short statement identifying 5 social statuses that you currently occupy and describe the social roles associated with each status. 

You are not required to write formal essay. You can list the 5 statuses and describe the roles. Of course you can write a short essay, if you prefer. 

When you are ready, click on “Submit Assignment,” at the top-right of this page. Write your answer. Click “submit” again. 

If you are new to Canvas, you may watch a short video about assignments (Links to an external site.), or a video about submitting assignments (Links to an external site.), or check the Canvas Student Guide (Links to an external site.)

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