comprehensive content campaigns of bape

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You will design a minimum of 2 strategized content campaigns. These campaigns shouldbuild upon the current strategy while still adding improvements and new content.

Two campaigns:

1.Post more Model Picture on the Instagram

2.The mobile app for Bape

Good strategized, cross-platform content campaigns will address the following areas:

Content strategy goals:

  • Define the main goals of the content strategy and how they relate to brand goals.


  • Define the audience in a way that is narrow enough to be actionable.

Competitive research:

  • Describe relevant elements of competitors’ successes in their strategies that will be built upon in this strategy.
  • Describe how this content strategy will distinguish itself from competitors’ strategies.

I choose Supreme and UNDEFEATED, Please analyze these two competitors.

Internal research:

  • Describe how strengths/weaknesses from the content strategy analysis and from the user research report can be used to provide actionable insights for this content strategy.

Detailed descriptions of campaigns & high-fidelity mockups:

  • Describe the proposed campaigns in detail.
  • Provide information about what metadata (hashtags, other tags, video descriptions, titles, etc.) will be used to brand these campaigns.
  • Include instructions on the timing/frequency of how the content of these campaigns will be released.
  • Most importantly, include high fidelity mockups of the content in these campaigns (i.e., build realistic prototypes/examples of what the content in these campaigns will look like). These high fidelity mockups should show clearly what the content in these campaigns will be like.
  • Ensure that these mockups fit within the current design/aesthetic profile of the organization/influencer/group and explain how you will maintain a cohesive design.
  • Ensure that the voice/tone of the mockups matches the current voice/tone of the organization/influencer/group and explain how this will remain consistent.

Platforms and algorithms:

  • Define what platforms these campaigns will be conducted on (it should cover all existing platforms and include any new platforms you think are relevant).
  • Describe how the campaigns will be adapted to each platform.
  • Include methods for algorithmically optimizing the campaigns across the different platforms


  • Provide ways to measure the success of the content strategy.
    • i.e., analytics, increased followers, increased engagement, changed attitudes, awareness raising etc.

    Here are some examples , Please be sure follow the Instruction.

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