Characteristics of Good Interviewers and Disparate Treatment, management help

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Healthcare Human Resource Management

of Good Interviewers and Disparate Treatment”

  • Compile two examples
    of the worst interviews you ever had. Determine key factors that made these
    interviews stand out negatively compared to other interviews you have had.
    Next, recommend three best practices for interviewers to avoid interviewing

  • A health care
    organization wants to hire 100 medical technicians, and of the 250 applicants
    that apply, 125 are male and 125 are female—all equally qualified. The
    organization hires 80 of the male applicants and 20 of the female applicants.
    Using Table 4.8, analyze whether or not disparate treatment exists in this
    hypothetical organization. Provide examples to support your rationale.

***This is a
discussion, NOT a paper. Need a strong paragraph and references.***

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