chapter questions

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I downloaded the chapters if you would like to review it.

Write the answers to the following questions at the end of each chapter. Each answer will need to be at least 50 words in total length.

  • Chapter 12: 12-1; 12-2; 12-3; 12-4
  • Chapter 13: 13-1; 13-2; 13-3
  • Chapter 14: 14-1; 14-2; 14-3

Format the paper consistent with APA standards.

  • Include at least one references with one being from the class material.
  • Papers that do not include APA formatted citations and references will not be accepted.


List some of the operations and functions in a company that are dependent on a forecast for product demand.


What is the difference between quantitative forecast methods and qualitative forecast methods?


Describe the difference between short- and long-range forecasts.


Discuss the role of forecasting in supply chain management.


Describe the difference between independent and dependent demand and give an example of each for a pizza restaurant such as Domino’s or Pizza Hut.


Distinguish between a semiquantitatively system and periodontics’s system and give an example of each.


Discuss customer service level for an inventory system within the context of quality management.


What is the purpose of sales and operations planning? Describe the S&OP process.


List several alternatives for adjusting capacity. List several alternatives for managing demand.


Describe the output of aggregate planning. When is aggregate planning most useful?

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