Challenges to Trust and Collaboration on a Team-+

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Trust in relationships is essential to collaboration. But collaborative team members can bring with them a variety of potential obstacles to building trust. These can include:

  • Dual loyalty.
  • Different institutional cultures and priorities.
  • Past conflicts.
  • Personalities that do not mesh with others.
  • Personal agendas.

Therefore, it is important to focus on the interactions within the collaborative group and avoid any interpersonal problems that may occur.
In the previous discussion, you discussed your experiences with the successful development of trust and collaboration on a team. In this discussion, you will address the other side of your experience with teams by recalling a time when you served on a team that had difficulties. In your initial post for this discussion, tell that story:

  • Describe the situation.
  • Explain the issues that posed difficulties for the team.
  • Recall one incident in which those issues became prominent and how the team addressed, or failed to address, them.
  • Describe what you think would have been required to use those issues to build greater group coherence and effectiveness.

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