Case Study: Culture Awareness, wr

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Read Chapter 2 of your text and the following case

You are a second grade teacher. You have a student named Jia who is from
China and has lived in America for only six months. Today, you will be teaching
a lesson on the life cycle of a butterfly, which includes the egg, caterpillar,
chrysalis, and adult.

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She is very bright and social, but is really struggling with English. You
want to ensure that your lesson plan is both culturally and linguistically
responsive, so you begin brainstorming by considering various teaching practices
that could support Jia’s culture and language.

  • Go to the section entitled “Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices” and
    “Linguistically Responsive Teaching Practices” and select two teaching practices
    that you would consider utilizing when developing your lesson plan on the life
    cycle of a butterfly.
  • Copy and paste the teaching strategies you
    selected within your response and then under each one, explain specifically how
    you will include the teaching practices within a lesson plan on the life cycle
    of a butterfly and how it would best support Jia.
  • Then reflect on this process by answering the
    following two questions:

    • Why do you think it is important for teachers to understand the cultural
      identities of their students? Provide evidence from the text to support your
    • Cushner (2007) has explored ways in which to broaden the cultural
      understanding of teachers. He supports the idea of “lived intercultural
      experiences” (p. 9) and states that pre-service teachers would benefit from
      cross-cultural experiences which would better prepare them to work students that
      are different from themselves. Describe an intercultural experience that you
      have been a part of and reflect on what you learned. If you have not had an
      intercultural experience, describe what you could do to have such an experience.
      How will these experiences benefit you in the classroom to ensure both
      culturally and linguistically responsive practices?


      Cushner, K., McClelland, A., & Safford, P. (2006). Human diversity in
      education: An integrative approach
      . New York, NY: McGraw Hill.

I can email audio for Chapter 2 if needed. 

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