career report on interior design doesn t have to be your major but prefer you to understand what it is

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These are the instructions i already interviewed someone so the questions are answered, i will attach the answered questions. and where it says you need 2 quotes from your interviewee you could make something up by just looking at the questions she answered.

PART 1 Career Report:

Write a 2-4 page typewritten paper on a career of interest. Collect research materials from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other credible sources that are current/ time-sensitive. In addition to gathering information from credible written sources (secondary sources), speaking with an expert on your topic (a primary source) will provide you with valuable insight and the most current information available for your research; this is required. You must provide at least two quotes from your interviewee. You must use parenthetical documentations (in-text citations) from a minimum of four different sources. Report should be prepared in proper MLA Format with a Works Cited page. Please include the following sections (and LABEL) in your report:

SECTION 1: Job Description/Duties

Provide a solid job description. What responsibilities would you have? Which responsibilities would you like and which would you dislike?

SECTION 2: Personal Characteristics Needed

What important personal characteristics do you think would be needed to be happy and successful in this occupation? What personal values does this career provide that are important to you? (Examples: security, having fun, status, helping others, challenging…)

SECTION 3: Education Needed

What specific high school classes and activities would be most helpful in preparing for this career? What type of education or training would you need after high school? Do you need a Master’s Degree? Occupational School? List possible colleges/schools where you may receive training.

SECTION 4: Work Setting

How many hours would you generally work? What would your work environment be? Would you travel? Would your job be stressful? What would you like and dislike about the work setting?

SECTION 5: Wages and Benefits

Entry wages: How much would a worker in this occupation generally start at? What is the range of wages that an experienced worker can earn? Will the worker receive insurance, sick leave, paid vacation etc. Do you see this occupation as providing enough income for you to live according to your expectations?

SECTION 6: Employment Outlook

What is the occupational outlook for this career?

SECTION 7: Personal Assessment

Explain why you think this occupation would be right for you. How does it fit your personality, interests, values, educational plans?

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