SLS1103 FSCJ Michel Crashed In The Doorway Of Residence Case Questions

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Read the article & Answer the discussion questions thoroughly, with an open mind state, and think of every possible scenario to give your best answers.

Michel crashed through the doorway of his residence hall room and slammed the door. “I hate women!” he yelled to his roommate, Karl. Karl asked him what was wrong. Michel sneered. “I just don’t understand them. Women. Toni just broke our date for Friday night just because she found out I was drunk out of my mind at the ballgame. Don’t I have a right to have fun sometimes? And why should what I do when I’m out with the boys have anything to do with what goes on between Toni and me?” Karl opened his mouth to say something but Michel raised his right hand. “Shut it, Karl. Nothing you say is gonna change my mind about this.”

Discussion Questions

1. How is Michel responding? What is the basis for his arguments?

2. What kind of critical-thinking errors is Michel making?

3. What are the implications of what Karl might say?

4. What is another way to look at Michel’s situation?

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