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As nurses we have an obligation to be culturally competent & to provide culturally competent patient care practices. It has been supported & practiced through evidence-based data and documented by many nursing theories. Care is the foundation of our nursing practice & the practice of caring incorporates the understanding of culture.We should respect diversity by addressing the cultural practices and beliefs of each patient. Before going out into the community, we can teach cultural competency to health care professionals, function as a unit utilizing all members of the team, remain open minded, stop often to be sure the patient & family are understanding, ask what beliefs or alternate holistic healthcare practices are important to them and always be an advocate (Ward,2012). 

Cultural preservation help people use their core cultural values fo healthcare concerns. An example would be an East Indian woman that was ready to go into surgey for a tunor removal had her family gathered at her bedside. They all stood at the head of her bed and prayed. The nurse quitely waited until they finished before taking her to the operating room (Pinicario, 2013).

Cultural accommodation is when you you negotiate to include aspects of folk practices. An example would be that of a Jamacian women in her home on Hospice who wishes to keep a bottle of salt at her bedside. She believes it keeps demons away. Allowing her to do so causes no harm and supports her beliefs (Pinicario, 2013).

Cultural repatterning are therpeutic actions modified to respect a client’s cultural needs but assisted toward a beneficial outcome.  An example would be an Amish pregnant woman who is experiencing problems with her pregnancy but is now just seeking prenatal care. The nurse is recommending frequent visits to monitor her problems, but she refuses & wants to deliver at home with a midwife. So, the nurse provides education & teaching and works out a plan that would be acceptable to the client while maintaining her safety and that of the unborn baby (Pinicario, 2013).

Cultural brokering is the act of mediating between groups or persons of different cultures to reduce conflict or produce change. An example would be between cancer researchers and the Tuskegee people. From 1932-1972 there was a clinical trial study conducted. The African American men who participated were not fully informed regarding the medical research on syphillis. Most were not treated even though treatment eventually became available. Cultural brokers were brough in to re-establish trust & to try and reinforce the importance of research.  In this case, particularly related to racial & ethnic disparities in health (Georgetown University, 2016).

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