Drinking Age Discussion

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My subject is about the law. Many countries restrict alcohol consumption to adults over the age of 19. Otherwise, this is illegal. The article discusses the choice between emotion and law. Drinking is a culture, and culturally speaking, it should reduce the age of drinking. Therefore, whether to reduce the drinking age has become the focus of attention.

Drinking alcohol is sometimes inevitable. Friends and relatives in China are reunited, friends gather, and when they visit their elders, they drink. Sometimes drinking is a kind of respect. When someone drinks with you and you use other drinks or water instead of alcohol, others will think it is an act of disrespect. However, the law requires that people under the age of 19 are not allowed to drink alcohol, so there is often a choice between mood and law. Whether to reduce the age of drinking has become a problem.

When I was 16 years old, I grew up, but I can’t drink because I am not 19 years old. When I was playing with my friends, I couldn’t drink alcohol when I was 16 years old. Everyone is very depressed. When I talk about this topic, many people under the age of 19 will be interested in this topic. This theme is very interesting.

Use APA style. Finally, we must agree to lower the age of drinking. Drinking age should be around 16 years old. Use at least 4 references. It is best to use two perspectives, one should lower the age, the other should not lower the age, and finally conclude that the age should be lowered. But this is a research paper, so I can’t have my own point of view. This article needs to pay attention to Canada’s national conditions. Talking about China is just an example.

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