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Here is my work and then there is a separation to my classmate asking me questions, please answer his questions only.

There are three primary social theories (functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interactionism) which are used to evaluate social problems. In this discussion board, you are to evaluate the chosen issue/problem that you identified for your Capstone Project from these perspectives. Describe how a functionalist, a conflict theorist, and someone ascribing to symbolic interactionism would explain the key issue and the factors that have led to this issue.

Drug abuse is a major social issue and/or problem. It can be explained from three different social theories. First, the functionalist theory seeks to look at drug abuse as an issue that is there to reduce the strength of the norm in society. In other words drug abuse disturbs the anomie. Functionalism also explains that an individual who is involved in drug abuse lacks an important bond with the rest of the society (Andersen & Taylor, 2008).

From the conflict theory drug abuse is as a result of inequality in society in not only political but social aspects. Therefore drug abuse is as a result of escaping from the political and social inequality that is present in society. In the symbolic interactionism theory, drug abuse is a behavior that is learned through people interacting with those who already abuse the drugs. The users of drugs learn methods through which drugs are abused when they interact with other people. 


Andersen, M. L., & Taylor, H. F. (2008). Sociology: Understanding a diverse society. Belmont,

CA: Wadsworth/Thomson Learning.


HI Tamica. I am slightly confused regarding how see drug abuse as a problem as defined through the lens of conflict theory. Conflict theory being about individuals or groups of people gaining power through the use of better managing of their resources and thus gaining authority over people or parts of society, I feel it is an assumption to say that drug abuse is simply the result of inequality in our country. Drug abuse happens at all levels of society from the very rich to the very poor, it appears that drug abuse really has no societal boundaries. Could you please elaborate some on how you feel conflict theory defines drug abuse as a problem because of trying to escape inequality so I better understand where you are coming from? That would be awesome, thank you!

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