Discussion Forum 12 Responses Assignment

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please reply to two of following students posts. What was most convincing about their argument? If applicable, did you find their evidence credible? Be sure your replies are at least 100 words each or more.

Student A – M B –

People who are victims of bullying may feel like they are alone and cannot trust anyone to help them through their experience because they feel that no one will believe them in a situation like that, most people do not take bullying serious. There are children who has tried to do self harm, had suicide thoughts, felt alone and committed suicide. We have to be able to see the signs of a victim of bullying, which are depression, loneliness, anxiety and low-self esteem. Everyone knows that children are afraid or embarrassed to tell an adult that they are being bullied because they will be called a snitch or weak.

Student B – J M –

The welfare system was created to help those who are struck with poverty and are not capable of supporting themselves. The welfare system was established in 1935, by the Social Security Act, it is also referred to as Social Welfare. This program was designed to help Americans during the great depression. Although the program is a great resource for people who are truly suffering financially, thousands of people have found a way to take advantage of the system and abuse the resource’s being provided to them.


END – Thank You


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