ENGL1102H Ending Banning Books In Schools & Homes Proposed Solution Paper

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Create a claim with a proposed change that may help the problem or solve one aspect of it. Solving the whole problem is most likely impossible, so, in most cases, you’ll want to zoom in on one particular aspect of the problem for which you have an idea that could improve the situation. For example, you can’t solve all the social media influences on body image, especially in one short essay, but what is one part of the problem for which a solution might be viable or one possible proposal that would help the situation?

Your proposed solution must be debatable, meaning it must be something about which some people will disagree or which has some problems/downsides to it that might make people reject the change. Your proposed solution will not be perfect. If it was, we would have already done it. Be sure you are able to see both the pros and cons of your plan, which is what will make it a debatable argument. Argue that the benefits will outweigh the problems or objections, and be careful that you don’t choose something impossible (or nearly impossible) to implement. Be logical, fair, and realistic so that you can convince your audience that your idea is worth consideration.

Your proposed argument will be supplemented by other sources, a minimum of two other articles besides the one from the article set. These outside sources can be from GALILEO or the internet but, as we’ve covered in class, must be reliable, vetted, academic sources appropriate for college-level research. You may also use the other article in the article set as an extra source if useful. Paper length min 1000 words. MUST BE 0% on TURNITIN

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