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Evaluation Essay PromptEnglish 101Alex Smith

Assignment Description:

Much like the other modes of discourse you have written in this semester, evaluation is something we do in our everyday lives. According to the authors of your textbook, “We evaluate to make decisions based on the quality of something – such as a performance, an opportunity, or even a piece of furniture. As you can see form these examples, behind every evaluation is a set of standards or criteria. Carefully thought-out and thorough criteria are essential for evaluation” (286).

In order to successfully compose an evaluation essay, you will need to identify, explain, and apply the criteria for your evaluation. An example is choosing a restaurant for a dinner to celebrate an important occasion. While one criterion might be the prices on the menu, you will also take into consideration location, quality of the food, type of food, and the overall atmosphere of the restaurant. When students and scholars alike evaluate academic writing, we consider things like originality of the argument, importance of the contribution, as well as the quality of the writer’s research and composing skills.

Successful students have written evaluation essays on the following topics:

• Campus services, such as dining, parking, library, health services, etc.

• Campus itself

• Quality of life in a given town/city

• Scholarly writing

• Song lyrics

• A poem

• A film

• An art exhibit

• An Instagram or Twitter account

You are not limited to these topics, but be sure to choosesomething that you can write about extensively, for which you can establish clear evaluative criteria, and that it is not too much to write about in this essay.

Purpose: Evaluation

Audience: Academic audience

Assignment Requirements:

2-3 pgs.

MLA Formatting:


Times New Roman

12pt font

Submitted as an MS Word document

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