Effects of Demography changes Paper

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I have a first draft of my term paper due this Friday, which needs to be 4500 words. The paper is a summative assessment and comes along with many instructions. It needs to have 9 sources with 3 which are in French. If you can meet the requirements you are free to bid. I need to have the paper by Wednesday or Thusday.


The project must be an empirical study (using data) of one of the topics given below. It must be extremely analytical while staying objective. You must use information seen in class, the assignments, the tests and the textbook (in other words macroeconomic theories) along with actual data and information found within a variety of sources. Show that you can relate the theory seen in class to specific real world issues and cases. Assume that the reader has an understanding of macroeconomics (For example: you do not have to define and explain what fiscal policy is, or what wealth is).


You will be graded on the presentation (quality of the language used, the clarity, the grammar, the spelling and the structure of the paper), the analysis (logic of the arguments, data, supporting and specific facts) and the effort put into the project (Keep in mind that the more effort you put into the project, the higher the quality is likely to be thus the higher the grade received). Each student must clearly indicate which part they did. The paper will receive one grade, but if the quality of work differs significantly, then grades will be assigned individually.


Macroeconomic theory and graphs (those seen in class and the textbook) must be used to explain the various issues analyzed in the paper OR ELSE YOUR PAPER WILL BE PENALIZED. You must build your own graphs (ex: PPC) by using a computer software (ex: Microsoft Paint or Word) You cannot copy and paste graphs from a website or from a textbook. You can copy and paste data as long as you reference it properly (put the source below or after the data). PUT ALL CHARTS AND DATA IN THE BODY OF YOUR PAPER. DO NOT PUT THESE IN AN APPENDIX!! ALWAYS PUT A TITLE AND A NUMBER WITH ALL CHARTS, GRAPHS AND DATA TABLES. Make sure to reference any numbers stated in your project.

Show me that you can use the various models and theories seen in class (do not always use the same model; ex: Labour Market).


(You will be penalized if you do not hand in this check list or if you lie on it…for the first and final copy)

1) Have a cover page and a table of contents. CHECKED ______

NOTE: For the final paper, the names of who did what must appear in the table of content.

2) Make sure your paper is extremely organized (headings and sub-headings, page numbers, bibliography (APA or MLA[1]),typed, double spaced and stapled). CHECKED ______

3) Make sure to have a general introduction including the thesis statement and a general conclusion stating what was examined and final remarks on the topic. CHECKED ______

4) At least 3 sources per person: periodicals (ex: The Economist, Newsweek, Fortune), newspaper articles and books. YOU CANNOT USE WIKIPEDIA ORABOUT.COM AS A SOURCE!! Use the library databases: Proquest, EBSCO, E-STAT and The Virtual Reference – Economics to get to your sources and data. Each student must use at least one French Source (ex: La Presse, Le Devoir, Les Affaires). You should consider looking at the OECD, World Bank, Conference Board, CD Howe, U.S. Federal Reserve and also the chartered bank websites for additional data and opinions. It is strongly suggested to use sources from the various university libraries (ex: Concordia). They tend to have more economic sources of better quality than the Dawson Library. Even though you cannot borrow these sources, you can photocopy relevant material. CHECKED ______

5) Use graphs and theory seen in class (this is where you gain points! Or lose them in the absence of graphs), charts and tables to present the data. Put all graphs and data in the body of your paper (not in an appendix). Make sure to always back up your points and always state the source of the numbers/data in the paper!CHECKED ______

6) Avoid grandiose and easy statements (ex: China produces everything). CHECKED ______

7) You are handing in ONE paper, not 2 individual parts stapled together. Your paper must flow; it must be one entity. The paper should not repeat itself and even less, contradict itself. Different sections should complement, not contradict each other. Each student in the group is responsible for the work of others in the group. The project receives one grade. It’s up to you to ensure your partner is getting the work done and it’s up to each student to verify what the other has done. Give yourselves time to verify the quality of work your team-mate is handing in. Make sure to re-read your work! CHECKED ______

8) Do NOT plagiarize! Papers will be verified via Turnitin (see p.4)! Remember that using quotes strengthens your arguments; it does not hurt it. When you can’t put something into your own words, use quotes (no matter how short the quote). See course outline for consequences. CHECKED ______

9) Do not use personal pronouns: “I”, “we”… CHECKED ______

10) Make sure that there are at least two paragraphs per page (a page cannot be one long paragraph) and that there are at least 4 sentences per paragraph. Be careful with run-on sentences… if your sentence is almost two lines long than you might have a run-on sentence. CHECKED ______

A first copy of your paper MUST be submitted at the latest on Friday April 12, 2019 (class #23). It must be a completed first version of your paper. All elements of the paper need to be included in this copy, meaning your data, graphs, sources, the check list, etc. Failure to hand in the first copy on time will result in an automatic 0 for it AND the final paper.

NOTE: Your first copy must be handed back to me in class, the day your final paper is submitted to Turnitin, if not I do not correct the final copy.


-6 points will be placed on the inclusion of course material to help reach your conclusion. This also includes the use of models and graphs seen throughout the semester.

-5 points will be placed on the quality of the analysis given.

-3 points will be placed on the quality of the data used in the project

-1 point will be placed on the quality of the language used and the presentation.

-5 points will be for the first copy (overall quality).

TOPICS: You must pick one of the following 6 topics. Remember you are writing an economic paper using technical terms and detailed analysis. You are not writing a descriptive paper. You must answer the whole question and look at all the issues stipulated in the topics. You cannot simply dump data in your paper!You must USE it along with graphs and models seen throughout the semester.

1-Demographic changes are taking place in many industrialized nations including Canada, especially with the ageing population and the ongoing retirement of the baby-boomer generation. Examine and analyse how Canada’s economy could be affected by this change. Particular attention should be placed on (but not necessarily limited to) the labour market, the level of savings and investment, government budgets (especially spending on health care). Also, you should focus on how increases in productivity will be necessary to not have Canada’s overall standard of living decrease. Be sure to realize that the labour force is not shrinking, labour force growth is slowing.

the outline which i already created is attached as a word document

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