CCBC Biology Evolution And Nature Selection Unit 3 Assignment Help

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Unit III Written Assignment

Unit III Written Assignment

Answers should be double spaced; 11-12 font size; standard margins. Proper grammar and paragraph format is expected. All answers should be written in complete sentences. Files should be submitted as .pdf, .rtf, .doc OR .docx only. All assignments should be submitted via the SafeAssignment tool in Blackboard. No attachments via email or Blackboard Messages will be accepted.

1. 1. Which are more closely related to crocodiles: birds or lizards? Explain.

2. 2. Feathers evolved for purposes other than flight. What are some possible functions for these early feathers?

3. 3. List and describe three features of plants that help them avoid or reduce predation.

4. 4. You encounter the organisms: Homo sapien. What does the first term refer to? What does the second term refer to?

5. 5. What are the three key factors that influence species richness in an ecosystem?

You will be graded on this assignment using the following rubric:

a.Content: 15 points (Each question is worth three points for content. Partial credit may be awarded in each question when content is not mastered, but is demonstrated.)

b.Grammar and spelling: 4 points

c.Following directions (as posted above): 1 point

This assignment is worth 20 pts. No late assignments will be accepted.

The Unit III Written Assignment meets the following course objectives:

  • Describe evolution for a scientist’s point of view.
  • Explain the present form of organisms using the Darwinian system.
  • Explain diversity of species and within species

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