Ghana and Agriculture Insurance Essay

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Topic: Ghana and Agriculture insurance

Section 1: Country overview

1 or 2 Paragraphs: Descriptive of economic aspect (e.g. gdp, gdp per capita, dominant sectors of employment, …)

  • Focus on the economy of recent years.
  • Give more examples of the other industries in the Ghanaian economy
  • Discuss what the dominant crops in the 3 northern regions, upper west, upper east, and northern.

1 Paragraph: Descriptive of political highlights in RECENT 3 OR 5 YEARS


please rewrite the whole section and expand on it based on my comment on the document.

Section 3: Farmers Relationships with FBO members, friends and his/her community.

Here I want you address the following: (****I need to convince the readers of the importance!)

  • 1-Why it is important to explore the relationships and social network in which people make decisions.
  • 2-Why these three groups, FBO members, friends and his/her community, are important to farmers?
  • 3-How they affect each other behavior or decisions?
  • 4-And how buying insurance will affect the relationship of farmer with FBO member?

these 2 sources might help in this section


  • Follow Chicago style for citation. And please cite every source you use.
  • 12 fonts, Single-space

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