PSY 386 UMUC Stress and work-life balance Discussion

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Weisure & the Struggle to Find Work-Life Balance

New York University sociologist and professor, Daniel Conley, coined the term, “weisure,” to describe the blurring of boundaries between work and leisure time. He noted that the Internet had brought a greater challenge to workers who wanted to find a healthy work-life balance. With the Internet, e-mail messages from work are available 24/7, and work projects can be done on laptops at home or even on vacation. Many now “telework” from home at least part of the time (2009).

Many of you probably struggle to find a school-work-life balance, juggling a job, college, and family, as well as downtime when you can get it. Many find it harder to do so when their laptop and schoolwork, job projects or messages, and cell phones make the work present at all times. (Im in the military and I go to school full time, please incorporate this in the response.)

  1. Read this article on “weisure”(Patterson, 2009). You can also access it here: Welcome to the ‘weisure’ lifestyle – CNN.pdf.
  2. Create a main post that addresses the following:
  • Discuss the challenges you face when trying to achieve a healthy work-life balance.
  • Identify at least three strategies you can use to help you in that effort.
  • Support your ideas with academic, peer-reviewed sources, such as your readings for the week and/or the sources mentioned in these instructions for this assignment.

Your post should be at least 150 words in length and must include citations for the research study that you reviewed. Please use APA citation style (in-text citations and full references provided in a list at the bottom of your post).

  1. Post at least two responses to your classmates. Responses should be substantial and meaningful. Consider responding in a manner that keeps the conversation flowing, such as by asking a question, offering an alternative point of view, or suggesting additional ideas that expand on their ideas. Please remember to cite at least one source (with in-text citations and a full reference) in at least one aside to support your ideas in that aside.

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