Kubler-Ross’ Theory Emotional Response Dying Reflection Paper

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Read about Kubler-Ross’ theory of dying.


According to Kubler-Ross’ theory, we go to different emotional responses

when we are dying. If you were dying, which one of the stages/repsonses

would you see as the most difficult stage for you to endure? Why?


Reflect on Kubler-Ross’ theory, do you think all dying people go through all

responses, do you think everybody follow the same pattern? Why or why


Scoring rubric

Your assignment accounts for maximum 25 points, the two parts of the paper will be weighed equally. The

assignment should be around 500 words in length, 1” margins, double-spaced, and size 12font (Times New Roman).

A printed copy must be submitted in class (no other submissions allowed – e.g. e-mail, under the door, mailbox,

etc.), by the due date. Late assignments will not be accepted one week after the deadline. Additionally, there will

be a 3-point penalty assessed on all late assignments.

A (23 – 25 points)

= Excellent assignment. It’s well-written, with minimal to no spelling/grammar errors. Nearly

all of the structural rules (e.g. font, length, spacing, etc.) have been followed. You show a clear understanding of

Kubler-Ross’ 5 coping strategies by pointing out the most relevant factors. In the personal part of your assignment,

you have successfully infused your own relevant thoughts.

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