Differences Between VAT and Sale Tax Comparison Research Paper

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Compare 2 types of way to collect tax. What id VAT and Sale Tax. How do they work and implement? State the advantages and disadvantages of VAT and Sale Tax. Give examples countries that use sale tax system and VAT system. How tax system operate in that countries. Be specific.Using economic literature review to support paper and data/case study to support theory/paper. Focusing on case study and data. Here are specific requirements:

1. Title page:

+ Abstract: 250 words

2. Introduction: (1 pages)

+ Here is thesis

+ Here is what you care

+ Here is what I found

3. Literature review and theory: (2-3 pages)

+ Academic theory to back up your thesis.

4. Data/Case study: (3-5 pages)

+ What evidences you have to approach. Explain why ?

5. Discussion: (1-2 pages)

6. Conclusion: (1 page)

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