business ethics task6

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Task 6

Please read the following section contained in the textbook:

  • Chapter 11

Please respond to the following review questions:


1. What is leadership? What is ethical leadership? How does leadership impact ethical decision making?

2. What qualities define an ethical leader?

3. What are the benefits of ethical leadership?

4. Discuss the difference between a compliance-based approach to leadership and an integrity-based approach to leadership.

5. Describe the difference between an unethical leader, an apathetic leader and an ethical leader.

6. What is an ethical conflict? Describe the five styles of conflict management. Should an ethical leader adopt only one style of conflict management? Why or why not?

7. What is employee empowerment? Why is it an essential component of a values- based organizational culture?

8. What are the two major dimensions of ethical leadership communication? How do they help to develop an ethical culture?

9. Describe the difference between interpersonal communication, small group communication, nonverbal communication; and listening.

10. What is emotional intelligence? What six leadership styles are based on emotional intelligence? What is the difference between transactional leaders, transformational leaders and authentic leaders?

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