business communication essay 2

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You need to help Warby Parker with a communication challenge to help them expand their eyeglasses business. Read the business scenario on pp. 387-388 and 410. You need to use the chapter method outlined on page 391 to write a proposal to increase business. Consumers are still reluctant to purchase eyeglasses on the internet and you are tasked with the challenge of creating a marketing proposal to overcome this reluctance. (Ignore the instructions on p. 410 to email your instructor and the team challenge- that is not part of this assignment)

You will research Warby Parker’s financial statements in their website and write a proposal to gain more customers through online sales. It may be helpful to look at competitors to see how they are marketing to online customers.


Textbook pp. 387-388, 391, 410

Warby Parker website, financial reports, etc.

Assignment Expectations

Length: 3-6 pages (no more than 6 pages), double spaced (not including cover and references)

Cover page and references page, please cite any materials used including the above resources (APA or MLA format is acceptable). You should include the Warby Parker website and/or any of its materials, or any other websites you use to gather research.

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