budgets support federalism and intergovernmental relations, management homework help

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  •  Analyze the
    overall manner in which the  aforementioned budgets support federalism and
    intergovernmental relations. Include two to three (2-3) examples of such support
    in order to validate your response. 
  • Evaluate the level of the impact
    that political influence has exerted upon the budgetary process overall. Suggest
     three to four (3-4) strategies that the managers could deploy in order to
    influence the budget process.
  • Respond to the following scenario:  A friend who is a city manager once commented
    that he liked to put a so-called “radio” item within each budget—an item that
    would make a lot of noise and attract attention but could be “unplugged” easily.
    He said that  after the council had focused all of its attention on that item
    and it was finally removed, the council would approve everything else with
    little question. Imagine that you are preparing a budget for presentation to the
    council. Propose two-to-three (2-3) tactics that you would use in order to
    attract attention to and distract attention from a particular line item.

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