Historical Geology: Web Research Discussion

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Research one of the following questions on the Internet. Research sources of information on the Web can include, but not limited to, books, articles, videos, and handouts.

1.  What are the mineralogical and stability differences between the carbonate minerals calcite and aragonite?

2.  How have organic reefs differed over time in terms of dominant organisms which make up their framework structures? Be sure to give a few examples.

3.  How is the inorganic precipitation of calcium phosphate inhibited in most marine waters?

4.  Some evaporite units are more than 2 km thick. How can such enormous amounts of evaporative minerals accumulate? Note that evaporating the entire Mediterranean Sea right now will produce only 60 m of salt deposits. Research and describe one possible depositional model.

*Need a 1/2-1 page* 

*choose any of the four topics above; whichever is easiest*

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