chemistry homework 4 Questions

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1. For the reaction A  B, ΔH = -25kJ. Rewrite this equation to show the 25kJ properly

on the reactant or product side.

2. If C + 30kJ  D, what is ΔH for the reaction? Which have more energy, the

reactants or the products?

3. What happens to the shape of the KE distribution curve for a reacting species

a) as the reactant is used up at a constant temperature?

b) if the temperature is decreased?

c) if the surface area of a reactant is increased?

d) if the pressure of the reactant is increased with no change in temperature?

4. Draw PE diagrams for each of the following:

a) fast exothermic reaction.

b) slow exothermic reaction.

c) fast endothermic reaction.

d) slow endothermic reaction.

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