rws345 week 6 1

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  1. Explain the differences between data, information, and a database.
  2. What are the potential costs of implementing a database system?
  3. Write three sentences comment on this post. (1. Although the words sound like they’d be similar. Data, information, and database are completely different characteristics that support each other in the world of technology. Data can be considered anything of raw value that has not been processed. When data is put into a certain category or context, it becomes known as information. A database is a group of shared data collected together. Databases provide structure and keeps information organized.
    2. Implementing databases can cost companies a variety of different issues. It is comprised of sophisticated hardware, software, and implementation can be expensive. After the database is up and running, sustaining the system is another key cost factor. Lastly, having a database requires certain personnel to run and maintain the system. This would include training employees, obtaining certifications, and following regulations to maintain proficiency)
  4. Write three sentences comment on this post. (1) Data, information, and a database are all unique aspects of data management systems. According to the textbook, data consists of raw facts. Data consists of the hard evidence that revolves around facts found by the particular individual. Information is a direct result of the data. It process the raw data obtained and develops the meaning behind the data. Data leads to information, which in turn leads to knowledge. A database stores all the information. The database is the most broad aspect regarding the collection of data.
    2) The potential costs of implementing a database system include updating the hardware and software parts of the database. This could be costly, as technology can be very expensive. Another potential cost could result from a poorly designed database by the engineers who created the database. This could lead to major costs down the road to fix the potential issues. A final potential cost could revolve around vendors who supply the databases. Pricing point advantages could be offered less to customers already in the system.)

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