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Lease Financing” Please responds to the following:

1.       •Proposals have been made within GAAP for new standards that would eliminate the differences between long-term and short-term leases (at least according to how they are treated on balance sheets.) Discuss the probable impact this would have on the attractiveness of short-term leases to health care organizations. Provide specific examples to support your response.

2.       •From the first e-Activity, describe a situation where the lease agreement would make sound business sense from the perspective of the lessee. Explain your rationale.


Business Valuation” Please responds to the following:

3.       •From the second e-Activity, compare and contrast the business valuation method you researched with those discussed in the text. Discuss which you believe is the most viable and why.

4.       •Business valuation is labeled an “imprecise process” by the authors of the text. Analyze the ways in which businesses are valued and make at least one recommendation making valuations more precise. Explain your rationale

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