smash grab and or armed robbery juveniles inthe state georgia and reform programs aid preven

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********For Kim Woods Only*********

This paper needs to discuss the issues with Smash & Grab and or Armed Robbery of Juveniles in the state of Georgia and the reform programs to aid in Prevention of Recidivism

Needs to be 5 to 6 pages in length, APA style

Cover sheet, abstract, reference page

Needs to have at minimum 10 peer related  articles and listed in reference page

This paper needs to discuss the problem:(Smash & Grab and or Armed Robbery of Juveniles in the state of GA)

The statistics of these type of crimes

The theory related to these type of crimes

and finally,the reform programs to aid in Prevention of Recidivism.

Due by May 26th, 2016




This is a reflection of what you wrote in the paper, no miminum number of slides, please use the same amount of references that you use in the paper on the reference page of powerpoint.

Your slides should provide answers to the following questions:

  • What was your topic?
  • What question did you hope to answer by completing this literature review paper? Explain the practical implications of the conclusions of the literature review and the audience to which they are directed.
  • Given the results of your literature review, what is/are the prevailing argument(s)? In other words, which of those is supported by the existing evidence? Be sure to include full coverage of the arguments, including strengths and weaknesses of each of them, supported by your findings from reviewing the relevant articles.
  • Did the researchers consider multicultural factors in their studies? If not, what factors may be involved? What multicultural factors should future studies include?
  • What ethical issues are related to your topic and/or discussed in the studies you reviewed?
  • How do the conclusions of your literature review relate to the various specialization areas in criminal justice?
  • How can the conclusions of your literature review inform the population toward whom your presentation is directed? How can they apply this information to their daily lives? What advice or “take-home message” can you provide to your audience based on the research you reviewed?
  • What research question could you ask in order to further develop this area of study?
  • Why is your research question important and relevant to the current work being done on your topic?

Your presentation should also follow these guidelines:

  • It should be approximately 10–15 minutes in length.
  • It should be clear, concise, and professional. Writing should be free of spelling and grammatical errors; it should conform to current APA style (including any in-text citations).
  • It should include graphs, tables, figures, or images illustrating your ideas.
  • There should be a final slide listing references in current APA style.
  • The bulk of the text should be placed in the Notes pages of each slide. Keep the amount of text on the slide, itself, to a minimum.
  • Due by May 31st, 2016

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