how does the following things relate to the synthesis of manganese chloride with hcl acid

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ï‚· Difference between ionic and covalent bonding

ï‚· Differences in physical properties between ionic and covalent compounds

ï‚· Mass percent or composition

ï‚· Empirical formulas and how they are determined from measured data

ï‚· Chemical formulas and naming as it relates to ionic compounds

ï‚· Oxidation states of transition metals and why they often have more than one

ï‚· Common oxidation states of manganese and corresponding electron configurations (and/or Aufbau

diagrams) reflecting the possible oxidation states.

ï‚· Percent compositions for the various possible manganese chloride compounds when manganese has

different oxidation states.

ï‚· Balanced chemical equations for the final determined oxidation state and proper name for each possible


 Molarity/Concentration – Calculating mols from a volume of solution at a given molarity

ï‚· Stoichiometry/Limiting Reagent/Excess Reagent

ï‚· Theoretical Yield/Percent Yield

ï‚· Electron transfer from one atom to another (reduction/oxidation reactions)

ï‚· Half Reactions, Reaction Potential, & Spontaneity

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