are these two examples of communities discourse communities

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Below are a series of links for two separate communities: 1.) a Disney bounding community and 2.) a Running community. For this discussion post, you’re tasked with examining the primary sources (e.g. the links) for each community provided.

Given what you learned from Swales’ “The Concept of a Discourse Community” and Harris’s “The Idea of Writing and The Study of Writing” determine whether or not the two communities are discourse communities. In your discussion post, explain your opinion and support your answer with evidence from Swales, Harris, and/or the primary sources.

To receive top marks on your discussion posts, please follow the guidelines below:

Each post should be at least 250 words and completed on time. In addition, your posts should demonstrate:

  1. Evidence of critical engagement with the assignment: Did you take the time to think analytically and critically about what you were asked to do, and does that show in your post through thoughtful questions and analysis?
  1. Evidence of practice with writing skills: Did you edit and proofread your post to make it “professional”? That is, is it generally free of simple errors? Did you also try to use your rhetorical skills, thesis-building skills, and other things we learned in class? Each post does not need to demonstrate ALL of your writing skills, but should in general reflect your engagement with what is occurring in class.
  1. Evidence of peer engagement: For each post, did you read your peers’ responses and comment on at least two other posts both thoughtfully and respectfully? Do these comments show you as an active participant and learner?

If you have any questions or concerns about your posting throughout the semester, please do not hesitate to ask.

Disneybounding Sources:

Disneybound Pinterest (Links to an external site.)

Disneybound Tumblr (Links to an external site.)

#Disneybound (Links to an external site.)

Running Sources:

Runner’s World (Links to an external site.)

Active (Links to an external site.)

Running Reddit

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