how does world hunger affect the united states on a national level

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  1. Background information that sets the current scene about your topic in the U.S. – You may offer some history and then move your audience into current trends about your topic. Remember, your audience is on a college level. However, you may need to define certain terms (not common ones), explain jargon related to the topic, etc.
  2. Up-to-date facts and varying opinions that show you have completed an in-depth study about your topic on the national level. – Keep in mind that this is not an argument; you are not taking a stand on a certain side of your topic. You are offering a variety of opinions and facts that show you completed an in-depth study, not a “surface” skim, of the topic.
  3. You understand your college-level audience and write to them in an objective, high style using clear, concise language – Again, this is an objective, formal report on the topic (not a personal, informal argument). You want to show that you have progressed in your writing from the first and second assignments.
  4. You understand how to properly create a full citation and in-text citation using MLA guidelines.

*To complete the assignment:

  • Write a four-page investigative report on your topic on the national level ( the Works Cited will be page 5). Four pages= at least half a page of text on the fourth page.
  • Use MLA citations in MLA 8th edition format
  • Incorporate and properly cite at least 5 sources – MUST be current sources (not over 5 years older. Consider using your sources from the last assignment)

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