a brief 10 slide presentation on process improvement of a video meeting room set up process from a business analyst perspective 1

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1. 10-12 slides maximum with a very professional looking template and clean use of graphics, fonts and colors.

2. Include all things mentioned in the question I.e data modeling diagram, process flow, KPI etc.

3. PPT has to be printable.
4. Please keep the slides minimal if possible and send an attachment of speaker notes/explanation in a separate document for my reference and detailed understanding.

Here’s the question:

Presentation Scenario

A key function of the Business Analyst role is to work closely with our customers to gather and document business requirements, map out the existing and future processes, assess process gaps and develop recommendations.

Please develop and provide a brief presentation (15 minutes) for the scenario described below.

The business unit is working on optimization and possible automation of the business processes involved in providing a video bridge (Virtual Video Meeting Room) service to business clients. You were asked to lead the process improvement working group. You were provided with the initial information on the current process steps for creation of a new Virtual Video Meeting Room (video bridge). You need to prepare a presentation for the next meeting of the working group.

Your presentation should include data flow diagram, use case diagram and a process flow diagram, identify recommendations for process improvement and the KPIs to measure the process effectiveness.

Steps to Create New Virtual Video Meeting Room (VMR)

1. User must submit the request through Service Order Desk Online system. If request is received via email or phone, please direct the users to S.ODO.

1. Service Desk will receive the submitted Service Request and create a new Work Order that will be assigned to XYZ Video Network.

1. XYZ intake person will receive the Work Order and review the submitted information. XYZ intake person should speak to the user if they are not clear of what settings are required on the VMR bridge to accommodate the requirements of the user.

1. XYZ intake person completes the intake section of the Service Request form to update the bridge settings.

1. XYZ intake person sends completed request to Video Platform L3 support group.

1. L3 group creates the new VMR bridge and send confirmation to XYZ.

1. XYZ tests the new VMR to confirm it is working as per original requirements.

1. XYZ operations group updates the VMR list with the following information for the new VMR:

a. VMR#

b. Address Book Name

c. Number of video ports enabled

d. Access Code

e. Business owner of the VMR

f. Activation date

g. Expiry date (if applicable).

1. XYZ operations group sends the Welcome Kit to the user with the following information:

a. VMR#

b. Address Book Name

c. Access Code

d. VMR User Manual

1. XYZ operations group updates and closes Work Order.

1. Service Desk updates and closes Service Request.

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