critique of a quantitative review

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Critique a quantitative study for design elements and study validity. Use the guidelines for critiquing design elements and study validity, Box 10.1 of your textbook. Read the Introduction and Methods section of the assigned quantitative article (refer to the entirety of the article as needed) and write a paper (no more than 3-5 pages) evaluating the article for critical elements for design and validity. The article may also be found in the Tookit accompanying the Resource Manual. Be sure to read carefully, and pay attention to grammar, sentence structure, and APA guidelines. Be sure to refer to the Rubric used to grade this assignment.

Teresi, J., Ramirez, M., Ellis, J., Silver, S., Boratgis, G., Kong, J.,…Lachs, M. (2013). A staff intervention targeting (Links to an external site.)
resident-to-resident elder mistreatment (R-REM) in long-term care increased staff knowledge, recognition and (Links to an external site.)

reporting: Results from a cluster randomized trial. (Links to an external site.) International Journal of Nursing Studies, 50, 644-656.

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