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BA 101 Introduction to Business Online

Written Assignments – News Analysis Reports

Word count at least 550


Part of learning about business is to be aware of current business events as reported in professional business publications, as well as web resources for topics studied in this course. In addition, research and critical thinking and analysis skills are valuable in business and in college. The news analysis reports are designed to give you the opportunity to practice these skills while surveying current business information of interest to you. Grading is based upon relevance to course topics, neatness and clarity, and following instructions. To receive full credit you must follow instructions carefully.

News Analysis Reports. you will research current business articles from an approved list and write a structured summary and analysis.


You will research and write four reports on current business news articles from publications listed at the end of this document.

  • To receive full credit for these assignments, you will find it helpful to re-read these instructions while you are completing the first assignments. Make sure you are completing the requirements and that your documents are in the correct format, which is graded.
  • Report due dates are listed on the course assignment schedule. Submit these reports in the appropriate Moodle homework assignment link, beginning with week two.
  • There is a required format for these reports. You will find a memo example on your course Moodle site. Assignments are graded on format as well as on content.
  • Reports are to be typed and double-spaced. Follow course writing guidelines, including spell check and proofreading.
  • From the listing of approved business publications on the last page of this document, choose a current article of interest to you about a business event that relates to a course topic. Read the article, and if necessary explore related links. Be aware that brief articles will likely not give you enough material for this assignment, and you may need to do further research.
  • Write a summary analysis of your article listing and answering the questions below. Be thorough with discussion and explanations in order to receive full credit.
  • Specifically answer the questions below and write enough to show that you have thought about the article (around 500 words). Restate (type word-for-word) each question from below at the beginning of each answer paragraph.



  • Use the example memo format to begin your report.
  • Write a summary paragraph discussing the main ideas in the article.
  • Type these questions and their answers:
    • What is the main subject of the article?
    • How does the article relate to a topic in this course? From which chapter?You must cite at least three specific examples of the connection to the course comparing what is in the article to what is in the text. **** Important note **** This is where the majority of the points for this assignment will be awarded.
    • If the writer states an opinion, what is it? Do you agree or disagree? Why?
    • In your opinion, what might be the impact of the article topic on the local or national business community or economy, or on consumers?
    • Why is the article of interest to you?

Sources for News Analysis Reports

One of the purposes of this assignment is to give you an opportunity to research and read professional articles on business topics. Popular publications and online resources for the mass market are not to be used for this assignment.

Research one of the following publications, or request instructor approval for an alternative. Please note all these publications are available in print format at your college or public library. Web addresses have been checked but may not be current.

Business 2.0

Bloomburg Businessweek


Fast Company







Wall Street Journal

Oregon Business




Black Enterprise

Career Magazine

The Economist

Hispanic Business

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