cis205 human computer interaction 5

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Activity 1: Meeting with Clients

As a team meet with your clients to review the project so far. Use the skills you learned about in the Task to make the session effective and efficient. Review progress and understanding of the requirements outlined last week.

Come away with any changes or new feedback that will inform the project development.

Activity 2: Evaluate Team Work

With your team spend some time discussing the team’s current strengths and weaknesses. Use these questions to focus your discussion:

                          • Are there conflicts between certain people that are creating divisions within the team?
                          • Do team members need to know more about other members?
                          • Are some members focused more on their own success in the course or on the project to the detriment of others?
                          • How effective is the communication among members of the team?
                          • Do people need to learn how to work together, instead of individually?
                          • Are some members resistant to change, and does this affect the group’s ability to move forward?
                          • Do some members jump in and make decisions quickly without allowing others time to think and speak?
                          • Do some members come unprepared to the group meetings?

Once you have discussed the questions, come up with a plan to alleviate some of the issues that may prevent the team from being an effective design team.

Activity 3: Practice Team Work

To practice working as a team complete the following activities:

  1. Back-to-Back Drawing – Divide your team into pairs, and have each pair sit on the floor back to back. Give one person in each pair a picture of a shape, and give the other person a pencil and pad of paper. You can also do this with Legos. The person holding the pictures gives the other person instructions on how to draw the shape – without actually telling the partners what the shape is. After pairs are finished, compare their original shape with the actual drawing, and consider the following questions:
      1. How well did the first person describe the shape?
      2. How well did the second person interpret the instructions?
      3. Were there problems with both the sending and receiving parts of the communication process?
  1. Survival Scenario – In this activity your team must communicate and agree to ensure your ‘survival.’ Your airplane has just crashed in the ocean. Everyone on board has survived but needs to find a place of safety. There’s a desert island nearby, and there’s room on the lifeboat for every person – plus 12 items you’ll need to survive on the island. Your team must choose which items you want to take. Think about how you will decide and agree on the items. Make a list of the final 12 items to compare with other teams.
  2. Create your Own Team Building Activities – The goal- or problem- of this activity is for each team to come up with a new problem solving activity that you invented for other groups to do. At the end of the about an hour, each group must come up and present their new problem solving activity and challenge one or more other group(s) to carry out the activity.

Activity 4: Debrief

As a whole class debrief the team building activities. What did students learn about how they work as teams and what skills they need to work on?

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