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  1. 1)  Create a Java Program to calculate the net pay for an employee.

  2. 2)  In this payroll program, you will need to allow the user to input the following


    Input your First Name: Elmer
    Input your Last Name: Fudd
    Input the Amount of Hours Worked: 10.0 Input the Hourly Rate:10.0

  3. 3)  Pay attention to the data types of the First Name and Last Name (character) and the Hours Worked and Hourly Rate (numeric).

  4. 4)  Note that the federal taxes are calculated at 15% of gross pay and state taxes are calculated at 8% of gross pay.

  5. 5)  The following output is expected:

    Payroll Information for Fudd, Elmer: {blank line}

Hours Worked: Hourly Rate: {blank line} Gross Pay: Federal Taxes: State Taxes:

Net Pay:

10.00 10.00

100.00 15.00 8.00 —— 77.00

  1. 6)  All shop standards are to be followed as instructed in class.

  2. 7)  The output listed above must be mathematically correct, however, formatting

    of the numbers with the decimal places and right justification is not required.

  3. 8)  Save the source code as “mrwJavaProg02.java”.

  4. 9)  You will submit the Java file to the Dropbox for this lab assignment on or

    before the due date.

Enrichment (not required for the lab):

1) Display all numerical amounts above with a forced two decimal places.
2) Display all numerical amounts above with commas where appropriate (i.e.

if the gross pay was 1100, you would display it as 1,100.00 3) Force the display to be right justified.


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