Argumentative Essay about Guns

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Argumentative Essay about Guns

Topic: In the United States, in most cases, it is common to own guns and an Americans right to own a gun. However, many people say that guns are a big problem and lead to violence. There are two sides to this story. Write an argumentative essay describing your opinion (for or against) and use quotes (at least one per body paragraph) to support your arguments.

Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Guns should be banned (not allowed) in the US.

Use quotes below either FOR or AGAINST this statement to express your opinion about guns. Be sure follow the structure of an argumentative essay:

Scoring for your essay:

Introduction as points (15 point)

  • hook
  • connecting information
  • thesis (topic, controlling idea, predictors)

Body 1, 2 your arguments (30 points)

  • topic sentences
  • supporting information/details
  • transitions

Counter Argument (10 points)

  • opposing opinion and reason
  • your refutation using a quote

Sources (4) (15 points)

  • source introduced
  • properly quoted/paraphrased with punctuation
  • thoroughly explain what your source shows or why it is important your

Conclusion (15 points)

  • restate thesis
  • summarize main arguments and counter argument
  • final thoughts, recommendations, predictions

Grammar, sentence structure, and Mechanics (15points)

  • proper use of tense, clauses, prepositions, etc.
  • natural use of sentence structure and clauses
  • proper punctuation

This is 5 paragraph essay

1. introduction

2. body 1

3. body 2

4. counterargument

5. conclusion

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