anthropology writing -03

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For this assignment, answer ONE !!!!! of the following two questions in a 3-4 page double-spaced essay:

1) Select one dating method reviewed in lecture or in our readings. Discuss your selected method in detail, including how and why it works and how archaeologists utilize the method for dating sites and materials. Be sure to include: 1) when was the method developed; 2) what time ranges it can be used for; 3) what materials can be used to derive a date; 4) what is the imprecision of the technique, that is, how precise is the result; 5) some example sites where it was used; and 6) your assessment of how valuable the method is today.

Dating method: 1.…





2) Write a short essay about one survey or sampling technique discussed in lecture or in your readings (see attached file). Examine in detail the basic premises behind the technique and how archaeologists employ it to locate and define sites. Please include examples of these methods from real sites. Be sure to consider the kinds of environments it is best suited for and your assessment of how useful the method is today.

Although use of outside academic resources (e.g. books, journal articles) is not required for this assignment, feel free to consult these if they are helpful to you. Using outside resources in a constructive way can often help you to get a higher grade, as this demonstrates extra effort on your part and a more complete answer to the question. Whether or not you use outside sources, use citations and bibliographic references to any readings you do.

Please include a list of “References Cited” at the end of your assignment.

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