answer the following questions related to theology

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  • Study all the scriptural quotations found in the PowerPoint Slides Presentations – For each, answer the following questions: (1) to which sacrament are they referring to? (2) What insight do they give us about that sacrament?
  • Terminology: Eucharist, Institution Narrative, anamnesis, epiclesis, RCIA, Sacraments of Initiation, deacon, presbyter, bishop, Unction, Repentance
  • Study the Eucharistic Prayer IV (from the PowerPoint Slide Presentation on the Eucharist/ book) and be prepared to comment on it. How does the content of this Eucharistic Prayer reflect the faith of the Church? (Lex orandi – Lex Credendi = the rule of prayer – the rule of faith = how and what we pray reflects what we believe).
  • What do we mean when we say “Sacraments of Initiation”? Which are they? What is their significance? What is their proper (historical) sequence and why? Why did that sequence change?
  • What is infant Baptism? Are there Scriptural precedents to infant Baptism? What is its significance? Do you agree with infant Baptism (or not) and why?
  • What is confirmation? Describe the shifts in practice and meaning in its history.
  • What is the Eucharist? Why celebrate it? What is its meaning?
  • What is Penance? What are the constitutive parts of Penance? What is its significance as a sacrament?
  • Describe the shifts in the history and practice of Penance.
  • What is the history and significance of the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick?
  • What principles of faith lie at the foundation of the relationship between man and woman in the context of a Christian marriage?
  • How do we understand the priesthood of all believers on the one hand and ordained clergy on the other? Why have ordained clergy? What are the three orders of ordained clergy?

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