Ancient Greece

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Plato’s Republic addresses a significant number of
philosophical issues. Some of these include matters of government, education,
psychology, and even theology. Select one of the four topics mentioned and
explain Socrates’position on it.Also, describe what significance it has in
relation to the broader theme of justice that is being discussed in the text.
Finally, say something about how the topic and the way it is handled in Plato’s
writing can help us better understand the people and culture of the time.

Your response should be approximately 500 words in length
for each question. Longer responses are not necessarily better than shorter
ones, but your response should not be too brief or shallow. Provide careful and
detailed explanations. Keep your writing clear and professional in its tone, as
is appropriate for an academic setting like ours. Proofread your submission and
be respectful in the way you address the ideas and cultures of others. Also,
choose your words wisely and stay focused on answering the question well. You
are strongly encouraged to prepare your response ahead of time and then upload
or paste it into Canvas. Keep your response directly connected with the context
of the class and the specific question being asked. Reviewing the assigned
materials will be essential, but going on the internet to look something up
will not be helpful. Furthermore, it goes directly against the assignment
guidelines. Outside research is not permitted. Produce responses that
demonstrate your ability to think things through. Also, use your own words.
Quotes, if used at all, should be properly cited and used very sparingly –at
most a few words from the assigned text.

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