American History after 1865

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THE TEXT BOOK FOR THSI CLASS: Schultz, Kevin M. (2018). HIST5: Volume 2: U.S. History Since 1865 (Student edition). Boston: Cengage.

QUESTION A – “World War I”

World War I and the Spanish American War brought America onto the world stage. In what three ways did they make America an international player? Provide a rationale for your responses.

Extra Credit: Tell us about any direct knowledge you have of children being forced to work. Did you work as a child, even if you did it willingly? (I got my first job when I was 13!) OR Tell us about the oldest veteran of a foreign war that you have ever met. Did his experiences have an impact on you? Do you think he saw military service differently from an 18 year old citizen today sees it?

QUESTION B – “The Economics and Politics of Depression”

Identify two causes for the Great Depression and the government’s responses to each of them. Was that response adequate? How did the responses of the Hoover and the Roosevelt administrations differ? What impact did this have on American society?

Extra Credit: Tell us about how the recession that began in 2008 had an impact on you. Did anyone you know experience real financial catastrophe as a result of the “Great Recession”? OR Has there been a “Renaissance” in the arts during your lifetime? If so, what area of the arts did it occur in and who were the main people responsible for it?

QUESTION C- “America and World War II”

America was deeply effected by World War II long before entering the war ourselves and it changed much about our country while we were engaged in the conflict. Explain three ways that America reacted to World War II on the home front.…

Extra Credit: Tell us about how your personal experience with the attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001 compares with the way most Americans felt about Pearl Harbor? OR Do you know anyone who lived during WWII? What was life like for them during the war?

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